Monday, 7 April 2014

G is for: Guidelines to Being Christine

Over the years we all develop ideas about ourselves that we don't always realize or acknowledge. I decided to explore some of my insecurities and things I have come to internalize in the form of a guideline. Please remember that these are all things that have grown and are not necessarily true. They are thoughts you may not agree with so keep in mind they are about me.

1. Remember that you belong to everyone but yourself.
  • You do not maintain ownership of your body: others have a right to make statements about its shape, size and general appeal; others will lay claim to certain areas of it, and when they do you should comply because its a compliment; others will try to dictate what should be done with it, and petrified silence will not always mean no to them. Love is physical.
2. Your mind should be locked away.
  • Your ideas are terrible and no one needs to hear them
  • It is selfish to talk about yourself
  • Everyone is sick of hearing you speak
  • Your mind is to flawed to maintain the superficial image others expect
  • Your mind is crazy and will scare people you care about away
3. Never show that you are angry or upset.
  • You are far to oversensitive so when you do get angry or upset its for no good reason.
  • Every point you make can and will be turned around as a personal attack on you.
  • Your pain is worth saving others the pain
  • Don't forget that you are crazy maybe even bipolar
  • No one wants to hear about your petty concerns
  • Even if people ask if you're okay they don't really want to know
4. You must always admit to fault.
  • If you hurt someone know that it was because you didn't try hard enough
  • If someone gets angry after you bring up a valid point, immediately retract your statement and beg them to forgive you.
  • Crying is for attention and is pathetic, if you have to cry- cry alone
  • You have an hour glass heart, if love runs out it is because you are insane and thought yourself to this point. Don't forget your mind is dangerous (please refer to guideline #2)
5. No is a bad word.
  • Avoid conflict at all costs
  • Others needs have precedence over yours
  • No is not an option 
 6. Finally, Trust no one.
  • Everything and everyone will fade, forget or leave. Don't get to close its only a matter of time before they do.
  • Nothing is permanent
  • Even those who claim to care about you will at some point betray you 


  1. Wow...there are a few there that I totally believe about myself :( Thats a very powerful piece of writing which I'm sure a lot of people will relate to. (((((hugs))))) and good luck with the rest of the challenge x

  2. You pretty much summed up how I was feeling a few days ago (and feel much of the time), with the exception that, instead of worrying that people call me "crazy, maybe even bipolar," I worry about them saying "How can you have PTSD, you were never in combat?"

    Remember, Christine is also the woman who has the courage to express these insecurities to strangers.

  3. You have written a very good post on self evaluation that makes one ponder. It'a a nice post for the challenge.

  4. You so interesting...I'm reading more of your blog!